Brasserie Chez Gerard – Kensington High Street


On this site used to be one of my regular restaurants, Caffe Uno. This has now been changed (just like many others) to the French restaurant Brasserie Chez Gerard.

The food here was average and I wouldn’t call it outstanding. I had the seasonal vegetables tagine which I would give full marks for presentation but not for flavour. The taste of the spices didn’t really come through. I was expecting it be more of a tomato based tagine. This Moroccan dish was cooked with chickpeas, spinach and baby carrots. It came with a good portion of couscous.

The actual restaurant decor is nice with a range of seating, from window seats to wicker chairs and normal dining tables and chairs.

The staff were friendly although the service was slow at times. We were waiting for quite a while to get the attention of the waiter, so that we could order desserts. By the time we managed to get his attention, we weren’t even sure that we wanted to order anything else.

The warm almond and cherry tart was a huge disappointment. It tasted like it had been microwaved and the pastry had become too soft. The only upside to this was that the coffee ice cream (that came with the tart) had a good flavour.

Maybe I should have opted for my friend’s choice of the warm Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce and ice cream. That looked of a better quality!

Brasserie Chez Gerard, 9 Kensington High Street, London, W8 5NP

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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