Cookies Cream – Berlin

Cookies Cream is like one of those “underground places”! Places that people tell you exist and you may have read about, but its location is hard to pin down.

It’s a bit of treasure hunt to find Cookies Cream. Off the main road, down an alleyway, make a few turns to what look like dead ends and you end up in an industrial area. Then you come to a part where a huge chandelier lights up and low and behold the treasure has nearly been found. Some small stairs can be seen and a little sign by them with “Cookies Cream”.

But it doesn’t end there. Press the doorbell and the door opens. There is no one to welcome you and no front of house staff. The treasure hunt continues. Follow the aroma of the food, head up the stairs and you will strike gold into the world of Cookies Cream.

The kitchen is all open at one end and the chefs can be seen creating amazing intricate dishes. It is quite mesmerizing to watch as they use DJ style turntables with the plates as the vinyls. The chefs really know what they are doing. Permission has to be given by the chefs if you want to photograph the kitchen area.

The whole menu at Cookies Cream is vegetarian. To start with, sliced baguette bread with a bowl of cottage cheese with herbs was given.

Delicious, soft and fluffy was the main dish of parmesan dumplings. It came on a creamy artichoke puree. The waiter poured the tomato sauce from the flask at the table which gave it an added dimension as it allowed the smell of the tomato to come through. The tomato sauce had some curry like tandoori spice to it which made it cut through the parmesan richness. The dumplings are deceiving in the sense that even though the dish looks small, it is very filling. The main dish was absolutely superb. Every mouthful was savoured.

Dessert was not going to be had. But then after seeing the table next to me with theirs, it looked too good not to have. White bubble chocolate and pistachio was the dessert that caught my eye. It came with homemade cassis ice cream and mascarpone. A thick swirl of pistachio cream, intense cassis ice cream, white chocolate and little cookies hidden under the mini chocolate slabs was divine. Melt in the mouth white chocolate crumbs was a great touch to the dish. Again the food was presented beautifully. The chefs are meticulous in getting their dishes presented to perfection.

The decor at Cookies Cream is quite minimal with just a couple of large artworks against exposed brickwork walls. Silver tubed lights hang from the ceiling.¬†Bottles of wines are on display and a huge vase of flowers denotes the till area. There’s music in the background coming from the big speakers. The staff are busy but give good service and are polite.

After dining at Cookies Cream, it is easy to see why they don’t need to make a song and dance out of their outer building appearance. It is the quality of the food that speaks for itself.

Cookies Cream, Behrenstrasse 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Rating: ★★★★★

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