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An impromptu weekday evening out led us to dinner at La Lluna. It had come at the right time as when a day has been a bit of a trying one, the time with special close friends helps wonders.

La Lluna has the brightly lit chunky sign which instantly makes you smile. Entering the restaurant, it is actually fairly big. Palm trees, lots of cushioned seating, high tables and chairs, window seats, a big bar area all make this restaurant welcoming. Light, airy, clean and spacious with a red and white theme makes up the restaurant area. A huge striking painting, which seems to be the signature picture for La Lluna covers the whole of the back wall.

The staff are friendly, polite and give service with a smile. As they could see that we were deep in conversation, they did not intrude. But they did also come and take orders without leaving us without food and drink for long. Even though the restaurant was going to be busy that evening, they didn’t mind us moving to the adjacent table when we needed an extra place.

La Lluna has a great selection of food on offer. Seeing the food come to the other tables, it all looked tempting and there could have been food envy if we had only ordered a few dishes. The great thing with dining with friends was that we could order a good selection of tapas and get to sample lots of delights. As with tapas, it was just right that the dishes came out at different times so we didn’t instantly feel overloaded with the food.

The first of our items that came out was the Patatas Fritas. A lovely way to start off the meal were these crispy cubes of potatoes. They were of a good size, presented in a wire basket. The sauces of bravas and ali oli were great to dip the potatoes in. The Empanadas came already cut in half. This fried crepe had a filling of Jamon de Teruel and Manchego cheese. It came with a pepper compote.

There was a double helping of cheese with the Queso Frito. Wedges of deep fried brie had a coating of parmesan and panko breadcrumbs. The cheese triangles were easy to pick up as they were on sticks. The cheese was gooey which contrasted with the crispy exterior. There was a vibrant red summer fruit compote topping the Queso Frito.

Two varieties of Croquetas were had. One was the Croquetas de Jamon Serrano and the other was the Croquetas de Espinaca. It was easy to distinguish between the two as the meat ones came in a wire basket and the vegetarian ones came on a plate. The Croquetas de Jamon Serrano were filled with ham. The Croquetas de Espinaca had a creamy filling of ricotta, spinach and sundried tomatoes. These were wonderful morsels of potato and cheese and very moreish. Out of the two types of Croquetas, the spinach ones definitely came on top.

There was a layer of flavours coming through with the Mushroom Ripieni. The chestnut mushrooms may have small but each one had a filling of butter, garlic, Manchego cheese and sundried tomatoes. There was the garlic coming through and then the taste of the tomatoes would follow. The final taste was of the cheese. The slight sweetness of the balsamic glaze brought it all together.

A last minute addition to our La Lluna tapas feast was greatly welcomed. The Berenjena Frita was a tower of aubergine slices in tempura. Crispy onion shreds and honey were between the aubergine slices. Soft aubergine, the light crunchy batter, onion confit and the sweet honey was a winner combination. The staff had even said that this Berenjena dish would be one that we would enjoy.

All of the food at La Lluna was unique and delicious. The different presentations of each dish was lovely too. La Lluna provided us with a super dining experience and it is understandably a popular restaurant.

Friendly and understanding words and a great catch up with friends, along with tasty tapas made the day a whole lot better. It felt like just like old times with long lasting friends.

La Lluna, 462 Muswell Hill Broadway, London, N10 1BS

Rating: ★★★★★
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