Trzesniewski – Vienna

Trzesniewski welcomes you with its colourful display. The main focal point is the rainbow canvas of the open sandwiches which are behind a glass counter. There is so much choice with the great looking and sounding combinations. All of the sandwiches are made on rye bread.

What makes the sandwiches at Trzesniewski different and unique is that the toppings have been crushed and made into a spread, making it easier to handle and eat. The pepper and pea sandwich was spicy and had a kick to it. It tasted like a mix of chillies and peppers. The tomato sandwich was simple but had a good flavour. Both of the sandwiches made for a fantastic delicious light lunch.

Trzesniewski only has a few tables with seats or you have the option to stand and eat at the high tables. There are also high tables outdoors. There is a quick turnaround of diners and the staff make sure that the dining area is clean and tidy. There are enough staff serving so that you are not queuing for long. Trzesniewski is popular with locals and tourists and its busy whatever time of day you go.

Trzesniewski, Dorotheergasse 1, Vienna 1010

Rating: ★★★★☆

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