Vete-Katten – Stockholm

Vete-Katten has been around for over 90 years and is a well established cafe. A friend described it perfectly by saying that the entrance counter area is like a normal cafe. Then as you walk through the various seating areas and rooms, it is like walking through a big grand house through the generations.

Starting off with something that you may see at a grandparents’ house with the traditional furniture and the hallways decorated with pictures and lamps, it extends into a dining room area with the centrepiece being a round table all layed out with silver teapots, teacups and saucers. The display is completed with flowers and a big lampshade.

Continuing through, leads to a country style kitchen area. Soft pale colours, lots of light and white washed seating is this area. Heading to the end section, it goes out into a courtyard. There is also an upper level to the cafe.

Vete-Katten is like a maze with its various rooms and pockets of seating. There is a counter to order right at the front of the cafe but there is one also at a midway point through the “house”. This is well thought of so that your items and drinks don’t have to be carried far whilst you decide which place you would like to sit.

There is a wonderful range of savoury and sweet products at Vete-Katten. Sandwiches, salads, biscuits, cakes and the traditional cardamom based breads are on offer. It was late afternoon which gave us the perfect opportunity to sit down with a tea and a sweet bread.

The Sommarbulle was a fantastic choice. This bun had a combination of strawberry and raspberry jam, almond vanilla custard and cardamom. It was perfectly soft. The layers started off with just the intertwined cardamom bread. Then as the bread bun was delved into further, a layer of creamy custard was present. The lowest layer was the jam. Not too much jam allowed all the other flavours of the vanilla, almond and cardamom to come through. The Sommarbulle was delightful. It was just sweet enough and had the right level of cardamom.

An interesting tea of lime, mango and papaya was a great accompaniment to Vete-Katten’s Sommarbulle. The tea was light and refreshing. It was given by the pot.

The staff were friendly and gave us time to choose what to order. They efficiently cleared away tables to make them ready for the next customers. Vete-Katten has items such as chocolates and biscuits packaged, ready to take away.

A visit to Vete-Katten is a must if you are visiting Stockholm. Quality food and drink in a unique grand cafe house.

Vete-Katten, Kungsgatan 55, 11122 Stockholm

Rating: ★★★★★

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