Bella Italia – Whiteleys Bayswater


Walk straight past the crowded open area of Starbucks in Whiteleys and head to the calmer Bella Italia for your coffee break! There is plenty of seating inside or out on the terrace. The decor had that warming rustic feel to it!

The tea was served by the pot and there was definitely enough for two cups. Service was good and once we had ordered, we were left to our own accord. It wasn’t hard to get the attention of the staff when we wanted the bill though.

Bella ItaliaBella Italia Bar/TerraceBella Italia Terrace

On a final note, there was a shady character who kept walking in and out of the restaurant, lingering for moments on end. It looked like he was scouting the area for unattended bags or valuables. So just keep your valuables close to you. It is a shame that not more places have the security hooks under the tables for bags.

Bella Italia, 2nd Floor, Whiteleys Centre, Queensway, London, W2 4YJ

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  1. Lee says:

    Great review, Dina 🙂

    Handbags, mobile phones and even jackets are easy pickings for a professional thief. Security hooks are a great idea, but they give a false sense of security. You hook your bag and forget about it, meanwhile a sharp knife makes easy work of your bag strap! Simple advice is to keep alert, put your bag strap around your leg or arm, put jackets on the inside of the chair and sit on them.. Mobile phones and purses should never be left on the table, I’ve seen phones taken by waiters dropping off the bill before.

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