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This Neapolitan restaurant is situated on the premises where the former sushi eatery Gili Gulu used to be! Rossopomodoro’s  menu is quite extensive ranging from the usual pizzas, pastas, salads to fried pizzas, grills and a selection of starters.

We were quite impressed with the quality of the food the first time we ate at Rossopomodoro. We had the A Tiella to start with. These are mixed fritters of fried breaded mozzarella, rice balls, potato dumplings and fried dough balls with tomato and cheese. It was a very filling starter even though we shared it between the two of us!

The Padulese pizza was good with the fresh cherry tomatoes and two cheeses: Provola and ricotta. Although this pizza had no tomato sauce, it did not lack in flavour.

As for hot drinks, they only do coffees and no hot chocolate. The service was good and friendly. There is a very warm feeling to this restaurant, which is helped with the earthy tones of the decor and all the wooden furniture. Nice touches are the fairy lights and the hamper wrapped baskets dotted around the dining area.

Rossopomodoro chefsRossopomodoroRossopomodoro interior upper level

Now onto the second time we came to Rossopomodoro. There was a larger number of us in our party so we had a two course set menu to choose from. The A Tiella starter was very greasy and not as satisfying as the first time that we had eaten it. The A Partenopea bruschetta was a better fresher choice with the tasty tomatoes.

The Cafuncella pizzas were a huge disappointment with many of the guests unable to finish them due to the saltiness of the cheese. We thought that this would have been a good pizza with its toppings of potato wedges and pancetta.

The Fru Fru, the three seasons oval pizza, was a lot better with its ricotta and salami, mozzarella and mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozzarella. The pizza base was also really tasty.

The best dishes that were had were the pasta ones. The quality of the pasta and the fresh vegetables and cheese worked really well together.

No complaints on the dessert front! The Nero Magna, hot chocolate souffle, was a great chocolate treat with its creamy chocolate centre and buffalo ice cream. A nice alternative and very moreish choice was the Calde Calde warm doughnuts with Nutella.

There was a bit of a language barrier that we came across with a couple of the staff.  A few times they really did not understand what we were asking for. As this party was a planned one, we would have expected one of the managers to be on the upper level overseeing the whole occasion and to have made sure that all was going to plan. Although saying that, most of the food was brought out together and only a couple of the guests were waiting slightly longer for their food.

We would return to this Rossopomodoro as we had no complaints when there was just a small number of us dining here. Some of the above points were taken up with the manager of the branch and hopefully they will have implemented some improvements.

Rossopomodoro, 50-52 Monmouth St, London, WC2H 9EP

Rating: ★★★½☆
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  1. Lee says:

    Can’t wait to go here again.
    This is one of my favourite restaurants 🙂

  2. Dina says:

    Looking at the Rossopomodoro website now, the menu has been updated and some of the choices have been changed. The pizzas are now separated into with and without tomato sauce.

    The Padulese pizza now has tomato sauce. The A Tiella has an addition of fried pasta omelette.

    The menu looks like a scanned copy and the text is slightly blurred. It would be better if this menu was in a proper pdf format.

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