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The displays of all the fresh sourdough breads, pastries, cakes, salads and quiches in the front of this cafe are very attractive. Each corner of the display has big baskets of meringues!

But again, this is one of those cafes where all the food is not covered and it is open to all the customers walking in. It is a real shame as all of Coffee Cake’s products looks really freshly made/baked and of a very high quality. I’m not sure if the food was self service or if customers were supposed to be served by the staff. There were no signs up indicating either.

Coffee Cake interiorCoffee CakeCoffee Cake salad display

Coffee Cake does breakfast items, a big range of smoothies and the usual menu of hot drinks. The green tea was served by the pot.

The staff were friendly and were accommodating when I mentioned that it was a little cold in the cafe. They switched off the air conditioning and closed the main door. Coffee Cake has opted for white plastic chairs and tables; a contrast to the dark wooden floors and brick walls.

Coffee Cake is a nice cafe to come and have a hot or cold drink and I would definitely have had some of their food, if it had been covered. The cafe was quiet when I was there, as it was the earlier part of the day. There was a radio playing in the background but it wasn’t too loud at all.

Coffee Cake, 28 Broadway Parade, Crouch End, London, N8 9DB

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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